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Time to Finish!

Elizabeth Zimmerman sweater pattern photoSummer hasn’t been a very productive knitting season for me and I was excited to see some inspirational tips on finishing techniques on the Knitting to Stay Sane blog. Now I feel motivated to finish the sweater that’s been languishing in the knitting bag.

Like so many things in life, the last 5%  is the effort that makes a project successful and satisfying rather than almost great! Besides fulfilling a creative need, knitting has taught me the value of persevering and holding out for the best results. Knitting has been a life coach and teacher. Other’s have recognized the teaching aspect of knitting for fun. “Things I Learned from Knitting…..whether I wanted to or not” by Stephanie Pearl-McPhee  is a pocket sized book that will almost certainly make you laugh if you are a knitter and if you’re not, you might have a new appreciation for the benefits of knitting.  Stephanie’s take on lessons learned is worth the few dollars to own the book.

Keep Calm and Knit On

I love knitting!  I love the gorgeous colors and texture of the yarn.  And I love the patience I’ve learned from knitting.  Knitting  reminds me that “do-overs”  are allowed, and persistence really does pay off.  The skills I’ve learned from knitting easily transfer to the work environment, too. Creative solutions are possible and reading the directions before you begin a project saves time in the long run!

The rewards of careful planning go beyond merely finishing the project!