Time to Finish!

Elizabeth Zimmerman sweater pattern photoSummer hasn’t been a very productive knitting season for me and I was excited to see some inspirational tips on finishing techniques on the Knitting to Stay Sane blog. Now I feel motivated to finish the sweater that’s been languishing in the knitting bag.

Like so many things in life, the last 5%  is the effort that makes a project successful and satisfying rather than almost great! Besides fulfilling a creative need, knitting has taught me the value of persevering and holding out for the best results. Knitting has been a life coach and teacher. Other’s have recognized the teaching aspect of knitting for fun. “Things I Learned from Knitting…..whether I wanted to or not” by Stephanie Pearl-McPhee  is a pocket sized book that will almost certainly make you laugh if you are a knitter and if you’re not, you might have a new appreciation for the benefits of knitting.  Stephanie’s take on lessons learned is worth the few dollars to own the book.

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