Information Overload!

Does it ever seem to you as if there is too much information in the world to absorb? Over the last few years, I’ve joined a number of LinkedIn groups that had interesting discussion topics that related to work. The discussions are dynamic, thought provoking and often insightful. I have gleaned some useful nuggets of information that provided a bit of oomph to my day. However, I’ve discovered that it is important to set some boundaries to the amount of time devoted to reading more and more and more articles. How much information can a person absorb and integrate into their life? “Keep it simple” is a good way to avoid clutter, whether it’s in my closet or in my mind. However, it is so enticing to continue the search to discover the perfect answer or know every aspect of HR. I am continually being reminded that outstanding HR professionals use analytics, are strategic, are business savvy, understand emotional intelligence, are technically literate, are adept at social media, and are able to create beautiful PowerPoint presentations and deliver compelling training programs, and equally able to communicate, collaborate, negotiate, and persuade anyone that crosses their path. It is exhausting trying to be everything to everyone yet we continue to try. There is an unending fountain of information inside my MacBook. I wonder when I am going to know it all?! And, where is that illusive boundary between the appropriate amount of research and an excessive focus on “knowing it all?”

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