Emotional Intelligence – The Key to Success

The latest issue of workspan magazine explores the relationship of emotional intelligence to leadership success. In Dan Goleman’s book, “Working with Emotional Intelligence,” Goleman writes about the research that describes emotional intelligence as twice the indicator of leadership success as IQ and technical skills combined! Being self–aware is a component of emotional intelligence. Goleman has shown that the most successful leaders have a combination of business knowledge and emotional intelligence competencies like self-awareness and empathy.

I’ve learned that if I want to increase my ability to effectively  manage crisis and stress I need to change my response to both.  Being aware of my emotions and having the ability to understand the emotions and motives of others, and  being able to direct my thinking to possible solutions rather than focusing on the panic,  results in better outcomes.  During recent conversations I’ve focused  on cognitive solutions, not the “fear-factor,” and have been able to successfully move the conversation forward to a solution.

I’m curious how others have developed self-awareness to successfully interact with people in stressful situations.  What observations did you make that helped resolve the issue or change the tone of the conversation?  I hope you’ll share your experience!

One thought on “Emotional Intelligence – The Key to Success

  1. Super job with this blog, M. Impressive. I agree with you about the Information Age causing too much time reading and not always enough time out there doing/participating.

    In answer to your question of Emotional Intelligence, it sure helps if you are NOT the one emoting. If the situation is not about you, you can be a good listener and not be crazed by your emotions. The best thing I know how to do is try to see all sides and see the situation from different perspectives. This is what I tried to get my students to do with eachother

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