What’s New in HR?

Browsing the bookstore at a SHRM Conference, I was overwhelmed with so many tempting choices I couldn’t make up my mind which book to buy. So I bought all my favorites. The UPS box I shipped home weighed more than my luggage! It was like Christmas! By Saturday morning I could hardly wait to grab my coffee and my new books and start reading. I love highlighting the parts I want to share and tacking colored post-it strips on the ideas for new projects.

When the weekly SHRM update arrives in my in-box on Monday, it’s easy to get lost clicking on links to news stories about recent benefit updates or the latest employment trends. Even ads for consulting firms that guarantee instant salary information entice me down the path to the “next great solution.” What’s important to remember is that not every new idea is a good idea and data isn’t information until it’s used! Researching best practices is exciting and continuous learning and process improvement are critical to a successful organization. However, effective change begins by fully analyzing current processes to determine what is working and what actually needs to change. A thoughtful approach to process improvement has a better chance of being successful.

SHRM has been studying the data from the survey responses of businesses, educators and HR professionals across the globe and has identified nine competencies that make effective HR professionals standout. In the letter from the CEO in the latest HR Magazine, Henry Jackson writes, “it is a natural progression from testing knowledge to assessing skills and behaviors required to perform successfully” and SHRM has developed the competencies necessary to meet the challenges of today’s business environment. More details on the competencies can be found on the SHRM website.

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